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Adjuvant Radiation Therapy(Rt)

Get Best Adjuvant Radiation Therapy in India

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At Go Health India, Adjuvant Radiation Therapy that renders a way to kill any remaining cancer cells small to be seen by available tests is used after primary treatments, such as surgery or radiation, to reduce the chance that your cancer will happen again.

Type of Adjuvant Radiation Therapy in India

1. Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy uses high-powered X-rays to kill cancer cells. Doctors recommend it as a primary treatment or as an adjuvant therapy. Radiation therapy is given internally or externally, and it usually focuses on one area of your body.

2. Immunotherapy
Immunotherapy means to influence your body’s own immune system to repel lingering cancer cells. Also, this may either rouse your body’s own defenses or increase them, for example, putting antibodies or immune cells from another person into your body. However, doctors are using it in difficult-to-treat cancers that do not react to usual treatments, including melanoma, lymphoma and kidney cancers.

3. Targeted Therapy
Targeted therapy comes to alter specific abnormalities present within cancer cells. For example, women with a type of breast cancer that makes too much of a protein may choose a targeted therapy. These medications target the specific protein, slowing the cancer’s growth.

4. Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy can be used as primary therapy or adjuvant therapy. Also this uses drugs to kill cancer cells, either by putting off them from multiplying or by causing the cells to self-destruct. This may reach nearly every part of your body to kill cancer cells, no matter where they may be.

Know effectiveness of Adjuvant Radiation Therapy

1. Type of Cancer: Treating certain types of cancer, Adjuvant Therapy can be very beneficial.

2. Stage of Cancer: A cancer’s stage refers to the extent of the cancer. If the cancer is at a very early stage – before it has had time to spread – then the chance of cancer recurring after surgery may be very small. Adjuvant therapy may be more beneficial in this case.