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Male Breast reduction surgery

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Gynecomastia, Male Breast Enlargement, is the benign enlargement of breast tissue in males. This may occur quickly in newborns. Half or more assymetrical-breastsof minor boys have some breast development during teenage years. Gynecomastia is likely to arise as an abnormal condition linked with disease, such as Klinefelter syndrome, or metabolic disorders.

Also this can happen for a number of reasons, as you have lost weight and have been left with sagging skin across the chest. So to remove excess breast tissue in male, male breast reduction surgery is all answers to give you a flatter, firmer and more masculine chest.

 Causes to Male Breast Enlargement


Conditions that obstruct with normal testosterone production, such as Klinefelter syndrome or pituitary insufficiency, may be associated with gynecomastia.


Hormone changes that happen with normal aging, such as declining testosterone levels, may cause gynecomastia. This is typically found in men between the ages of sixty and eighty.


Testicular tumors such as Leydig cell tumors or Sertoli cell tumors may result in gynecomastia. Other tumors such as adrenocortical tumors, pituitary gland tumors, or bronchogenic carcinoma may create hormones that change the male-female hormone balance and cause gynecomastia.


In this condition, the thyroid gland produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. 10-40% of individuals with hyperthyroidism may feel gynecomastia.

5.Malnutrition and Starvation

When the human body is destitute of adequate nutrition, testosterone levels drop, and the liver’s ability to humiliate estrogen is diminished, causing a hormonal imbalance. So consider that Gynecomastia can happen, once normal nutrition resumes but usually resolves within one to two years.

During male Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Breast Reduction Surgery comes with 60-90 minutes and is generally executed under general anaesthetic as a day case.
  • During surgery, your surgeon will make an incision around the areola and get rid of excess fatty tissue. Also liposuction may be used however, if there is a big amount of fatty tissue.
  • Bandages will be applied to support your breasts and to control swelling. And you will be given pain relief medication.

After the Surgery

  • To avoid pain at your surgical area, you may wear a supporting garment for 4-6 weeks to support your breasts and to compress your chest.
  • You will also need to take a week off work to fully recover after the surgery.
  • You should avoid any heavy lifting or exhausting activity for 3-4 weeks after surgery.