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Buttock Augmentation

Best Buttock Augmentation in India

Today, the heavily arrival of latest technologies has been really boon in the whole lifestyle considering it all-time preference to experience one Buttock Augmentationbreathe in supreme facilitation. Here, Go Health India appears one of them coming with world-class medical services reliable to have been treating patients hale and hearty.

Buttock Augmentation, one of most effective cosmetic surgeries, at Go Health India is used to augment the buttocks. Also called as Gluteoplasty, it is deliberate to reshape the size of your buttocks and to create more firm and aesthetic appearance. For those with flat behinds, this surgical procedure may help you look shapely.

Who needs Buttock Augmentation?

Buttock Enlargement has grown its popularity due to cultural trends in all around the world. Individuals who are interested in buttock augmentation are likely to come with one or more of the following concerns:

  • Your buttocks are too small for your body frame;
  • Clothes do not fit properly on your figure;
  • Weight loss has left your buttocks loose, sagging or flat;
  • The shape/size of your buttocks makes you feel self-conscious.

Procedures to Buttock Augmentation

1.Autologous Fat Transfer

This procedure is being used to enhance gluteal contours, grafting fat from one body part to add volume to another. Donor sites may include the abdomen, hips, back or thighs. Fat cells are removed via liposuction, and then injected in “layers” into the buttocks.

2.Gluteal Implants

Gluteal implants are generally sought for those who desire a fuller buttock or curvier appearance. This implant procedure often is executed by making an incision in the fold between the buttock “cheeks” and inserting a solid silicone implant into the pocket below the gluteus muscle and above the pelvic bone. Alternative locations for incision are the outer corners of the upper buttock and bottom in the gluteal crease.

Risks of Buttock Augmentation

1.Fat transfer

Infection and bleeding are major risks. Also, if the patient will have a rounder, fuller, buttock region instantly, then the fat re-injected into the buttocks may shrink as much as 40% in the next year as it is reabsorbed into the body. This fat re-absorption may produce irregularity, if one side of the buttocks takes up more than the other, building the results of this procedure hard to foresee specifically.


Infection, bleeding and muscle damage are also major risks with buttock implant surgery. It is also possible for the implants to slip post surgery, causing asymmetry, since the buttocks region is constantly shifting with sitting and physical activity involving the legs.

After the Surgery

  • After Buttock Augmentation, patients should avoid sitting directly on the buttocks or lying on their backs for two to three weeks to maximize results;
  • During this time, compression garments may be worn to reduce swelling;
  • After the procedure, patients may experience some pain or discomfort, bruising and swelling;
  • Patients may return to work two weeks after their buttock augmentation, so would be able to resume all normal activities within four weeks.