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Best Trabeculectomy Surgery in India

At Go Health India, consider Trabeculectomy a surgical procedure used in the treatment of glaucoma to alleviate intraocular pressure by taking glaucomasurgery2away part of the eye’s trabecular meshwork and adjacent structures. Yes it is one of the main causes for blindness, so one can often protect his/her eyes against this serious vision loss.

Although Trabeculectomy renders as the most common glaucoma surgery that permits drainage of aqueous humor from within the eye to underneath the conjunctiva where it is absorbed, the surgeon to Trabeculectomy makes a new channel through the white of the eye, and to let excess aqueous humor to escape. When this happens, the amount of pressure within the eye is reduced.

Why to have a Trabeculectomy?

Your eye surgeon is to recommend a Trabeculectomy because:

  • Medical Treatments have not controlled your condition properly;
  • Drop treatment is unsuitable.

In some cases, this may be the first choice of treatment. Your doctor will make it a decision to operate after evaluating your progress and condition.

Benefits of Trabeculectomy

A Trabeculectomy is performed to lessen the pressure inside your eye, protecting the sight you have. It will not bring back any sight you may have lost or improve your sight, but means to prevent further loss of vision.

Risks of Trabeculectomy

  • Infection is a complication that can occur after any operation, but serious infection is uncommon.
  • Your eyelid position might change after the operation and you may require another operation to correct this later on.
  • Certain symptoms could mean that you need prompt treatment, including:
    • Excessive pain;
    • Sticky eye that goes on to create sticky discharge after gentle bathing with cooled boiled water;
    • A sudden, or very obvious, deteriorating or darkening of your vision;
    • Shadows or a ‘spider web’ pattern across your vision;
    • Flashing lights;
    • Augmenting redness of your eye.