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Fertility Treatment Cost

Cost to Fertility is Inclusive to All Charges for its Services

Fulfilled with the best success rate in delivering customer-friendly services in all over the world, Go Health India has its virtual address at everyone’s heart. From the latest medical treatments to their costs, the company considers that it does not mean to hide any kind of statements possible to come in vision during and after the procedure.

Here, cost to fertility does not come availing any hidden charges to the service, or to assure its patients/clients consider the cost to this treatments comprehensive to all charges. Also to know more about cost to fertility, it is mentioned clearly below:

Meet with comprehensive cost of Fertility Treatment in India

Treatment Cost In USD
IUI $ 500 – $ 700
IVF / ICSI with hormonal medications $ 4400 – $ 4900
IVF /ICSI with Indian Egg Donor $ 5900 – $ 6500
Myomectomy (Fibroids Removal Surgery) $ 2500 – $ 3500
Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery $ 2500 – $ 3000
Gestational Surrogacy with own eggs $ 20500 – $ 23000
Gestational Surrogacy with Indian egg donor $ 22000 – $ 25000


Please remember that treatment cost offered above is only an indicative cost and is subject to change as per the physical judgment of patient and the medical record by the doctors.