Cost Of Silastic Ring Gastric Bypass Surgery In India At Delhi Mumbai

Silastic Ring Gastric Bypass

Best Silastic Ring Gastric Bypass in India

Yes the regular commodities in our lifestyle seem at the very priority to live with, but a down-fall of physical conditions draws its attendance in the society robustly. So an access to elite medical assurance means a lot, enabling to a huge number of people to trust in.Best Silastic Ring Here, Go Health India is an assurance to make available a wide range of medical treatments though, this has also been really the first preference when to keep in mind for latest technologies as well as effective remedial solutions such as Silastic Ring Gastric Bypass.

At Go Health India, Silastic Ring Gastric Bypass in India grown as the rational operation to control obesity consists of a proximal vertical gastric pouch < 30 cc in size. The pouch is banded with a 5.5-cm SILASTIC ring, and is liable to allow patients to eat all varieties of food, including vegetables and meats, with minimal incidence of postprandial emesis.

Benefits to Silastic Ring Gastric Bypass in India

  • It could present the maximum weight loss, compared to Gastric Band or Gastric Sleeve
  • It is also executed laparoscopically
  • No Foreign body placed inside you, as in the Gastric Band
  • Follow-up visits are less common than for the Gastric-Band

After the Procedure

  • You may need to stay for two nights in the hospital after the surgery.
  • Also you are likely to come with liquid diet post-surgery, if it is progressed incrementally the take solid diet over 3 weeks.
  • You will be guided every step of the way by your doctor to recuperate well.
  • Weight loss may be 65-75% of your extra weight. So it could often be higher if you eat a low calorie, high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate diet, stick to small portions, and exercise routinely.