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Go Health India to offer Best Vascular Surgery in India

AortoBypass_01_Base_275What an idea from brainy encyclopedia of Go Health India that has been enabled to widen its clients’ smile on medical purposes! Yes the exercise of words in making a name-Go Health India is only to spearhead one know it inspiration to come with world-class medical treatments. So come needless of searches-to-elite medical services when to bear in mind Go Health India in the country.

The well-dressed series of medical services, treatments and facilitations names the company Go Health India ascertaining its clients/patients get treated well with latest technologies of medical world. Here, one of its medical conducts- Vascular Surgery adds itself a division of medicine that focuses in treating the blood vessels of the body, with the exception of the vessels of the heart.

Vascular Conditions

Vascular conditions that have an effect on the arteries and/or veins affects also on blood flow, either by blocking or weakening blood vessels, or


by damaging the valves that are found in veins. Though there are diverse causes to a variety of types for vascular conditions, Go Health India has all solutions to treat them absolutely.

Vascular Treatments

We at Go Health India treat conditions/diseases of vascular system (arteries and veins) and execute diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as arteriograms and angioplasty, as well as surgical and endovascular treatments for vascular disease.

List of Best Vascular Doctors in India

  • Dr. Mohammed Rehan Sayeed – Best Cardiac Surgeon in Bangalore India.
  • Dr. Komarakshi Rajagopalan Balakrishnan – Sr. Consultant Cardiac Surgeon India.
  • Dr. Ravi Kumar – Sr. Consultant Interventional Cardiology, India.
  • Dr. Joy Thomas – Sr. Consultant Cardiology, India
  • Dr. Madhu Sankar – Sr. Consultant Cardiac Surgery, India.
  • Dr. Siddhart V Dagli, Sr. Interventional Cardiologist, India.
  • Dr. Naveen Bhamri, Sr. Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, India.

Meet with comprehensive cost of Vascular Surgery in India

Treatment Cost In USD
Laser Varicose Veins Treatment (per leg) $ 1500 – $ 1800
CCSVI Surgery $ 5500 – $ 6500

Best Vascular Surgery Hospitals in India

  • Fortis Hospital Cunningham road, Bangalore
  • Fortis Hospital Bennarghatta Road, Bangalore
  • Global Hospitals Bangalore
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital Delhi
  • Fortis Escorts Hospital Delhi
  • Apollo Hospital Delhi
  • Fortis Hospital Delhi
  • Metro Hospital Delhi
  • Kalra Hospital Delhi
  • Saifee Hospital Mumbai
  • Bombay Hospital Mumbai
  • Global Hospital Mumbai
  • Fortis Hospital Mumbai
  • Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai
  • Apollo Hospital Chennai
  • Global Hospital Chennai
  • MIOT Hospital Chennai
  • Fortis Hospital Kolkata
  • Apollo Hospital Hyderabad

Why to consider Go Health India for Vascular Surgery?

Truly a successful vascular surgery needs a team of experts like doctors (neuro/vascular surgeries), nurses, and other support staff experienced in vascular surgeries. They can punctually be familiar with problems and be emerging side effects, and know on how to respond properly if problems arise. A good vascular surgery program is also to recognize importance of offering patients and their families with emotional and psychological support before, during and after the surgery.

At Go Health India, these are at the very priority to make its patients and their families contented over treatments. Even they need not have wrinkles over forehead as we are to avail comprehensive cost to vascular treatment.

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