Eye Cost: Get Cost / Fees Details of Eye Surgery India

Eye Surgery Cost India

Know The Cost of Eye Surgery in India

Complemented well with an exclusive success rate in its medical treatments on the global platform, Go Health India is truly a customer-friendly medical address that comes to delivering customer contentment before it comes at its personal affairs, such as increment to medical treatment, how to come befriended next time and to effective cost to its treatments. Here, eye treatments cost appears all-inclusive to its services as it cares its patients from medical assistance to operation. In addition, to know eye treatments cost at Go Health India, you may eye at below:

Meet with comprehensive cost of Eye Surgery in India

Treatment Cost In USD
Cataract Surgery $ 1250 – $ 1950 per eye
C3R – Cornea Cross Linking $ 1100 – $ 1300 per eye
Cornea Transplant $ 2100 – $ 2300 per eye
Squint Surgery (Strasbismus) $ 1350 – $ 1550 per eye
Pterygium surgery $ 1500 – $ 1800 for both eyes
Retinal Detachment surgery (Vitrectomy) $ 1400 – $ 1800 per eye
INTACS $ 2200 – $4500 per eye
Glaucoma Surgery (Trabeculectomy) $ 950 – $1200 per eye
Epi Lasik / Custom Lasik $ 1200 – $ 1600 both eyes

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that treatment cost as mentioned above renders only an indicative cost and is subject to change as per the physical judgment of patient and the medical record by the doctors.

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