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Organ Transplant

Welcome to Organ Transplant Program available at Go Health India. 

Recognize Go Health India one of leading medical treatment companies in India that has its presence vital all over the world. Yes, theorgan-transplant contentment of best-in-class medical services, a wide network of medical experts and best deliverance of first-rate conducts medically are intended to exist Go Health India. Attributed to have been achieving a long list of contented clients, the company seems coming common among international clients. So a single at the company is about to recuperate one remedially.          

We at Go Health India bring in vision one of its influential treatments called as Organ Transplant liable to replace a failing organ with a healthy organ.

Types of Organ Transplant at Go Health India

1 Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant is considered when the liver performs no longer effectively. At Go Health India, we believe you for liver treatment in India a surgical procedure to replace a diseased liver with a healthy liver.

2 Kidney Transplant   

Kidney Transplant that places a healthy kidney in body is known one of organ transplants at Go Heath India. Kidney Transplant in India is typically classified as deceased-donor or living-donor transplantation depending on the source of the donor organ.

3 Bone Marrow Transplant

Accountable to replace damaged/destroyed bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells, bone marrow transplant comes in vision as a relatively medical procedure used to treat diseases when it is deliberated incurable. Here Go Health India is specialized to put healthy stem cells in place of unhealthy ones, and may cure the disease.

4 Heart Transplant

Consider heart transplant a surgical transplant procedure that is done on patients with end-stage heart failure or severe coronary artery disease. At Go Health India, Heart Transplant may be operated to treat with:

  • Relentless angina to treat with medications or other surgeries;
  • Severe heart failure, when medicines, other treatments and surgery to help no longer;
  • Serious heartbeats that do not respond to other treatments.

5 Pancreatic Transplant

A Pancreatic Transplant to implant a healthy pancreas from a donor gives the patient a chance to stop taking insulin injections. Though Go Health India is fulsome of effective medical treatments, the company considers pancreatic transplant in India a surgery to cure diabetes and to get rid of need for insulin shots.

6 Cornea Transplant  

Corneal Treatment is recognized one of successful organ transplant surgeries, meaning to restore full vision. Here Go Health India adds in cornea transplant that entails the removal of the damaged tissue and replacement with a healthy, donated human cornea.

7 Cord Blood Cell Transplant   

Cord Blood Cell Transplant has its position vital among best organ transplant surgeries and grows itself in the treatment of leukemia, lymphoma and other life-threatening blood diseases. So know this transplant an elaborate procedure in which healthy stem cells are infused into the body to replace damaged stem cells.

Best Organ Transplant Hospitals in India

  • Fortis Hospital Bangalore
  • Global Hospital Bangalore
  • Global Hospital Hyderabad
  • Apollo Hospital Delhi
  • Bombay Hospital Mumbai
  • Global Hospital Chennai
  • Apollo Hospital Chennai

Meet with comprehensive cost of Organ Transplant in India

TreatmentCost in USD
Kidney Transplant (related)$ 17000 – $ 22000
Liver Transplant (related)$ 50000 – $ 60000
Cornea Transplant – per eye$ 2100 – $ 2300
Bone Marrow Transplant (related)$ 40000 – $ 55000

Treat by Best Organ Transplant Surgeons from Go Health India

    Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan – Sr. Consultant Surgical Oncologist and Liver Transplant, India

    Dr. Ramcharan Thiagarajan – Liver Transplant Surgeon, India

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  • Indulge with zero waiting time at world-class hospitals in India
  • Get all queries answered within 24-48 hours over mail/phone.
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