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Cord Blood Cell Transplant

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At present, the medical science brings itself cornerstone of latest medical treatments reliable to have been perpetuating well smile over every face. With its well-cemented presence on the global platform, the art of medicine is really a gulp of soothing air that comes with all solutions ensuring people live healthy lifestyle.cardb Here, Go Health India materializes one of modern medical addresses availing finest range of remedial solutions, services and pleasing facilitations medically.

Cord Blood Cell Transplant in India, considered as an inclusion of Organ Transplant available at Go Health India, is a hematopoietic stem cell transplant that makes use of cord blood in place of bone marrow as the source of blood-producing stem cells for the transplant. Cord Blood Cell Transplant reinstates a patient’s ability to produce the healthy blood cells, some of which are indispensable to the immune system’s ability to fight with infections.

Types of Cord Blood Cell Transplant

1. Autologous stem cell transplant:

Know Autologous stem cell transplant a medical procedure in which stem cells are removed, stored, and later given back to the same person. Though this is the most frequently performed with hematopoietic stem cells, the cardiac cells have also been used effectively to repair damage caused by heart attacks.

2.  Allogeneic stem cell transplant:

In allogeneic stem cell transplant, stem cells get collected from a matching donor and transplanted into the patient to repress the disease and reinstate the patient’s immune system. Yes, an allogeneic stem cell transplant is different from an autologous stem cell transplant that uses stem cells from the patient’s own body.

3. Syngeneic stem cell transplant:

At syngeneic stem cell transplant, the donor of stem cells is the same twin of the recipient. In this type of allogeneic transplant, stem cells get collected from the donor twin, and are infused into the other twin following the high-dose chemotherapy.

Why Cord Blood Cell Transplant is performed?

  • At Go Health India, Cord Blood cell transplant is used to treat the people whose stem cells have been damaged by disease or the treatment of a disease, or as a way to have the donor’s immune system fight a blood disorder such as leukemia.
  • Also this transplant may benefit people with a variety of both cancerous and noncancerous diseases.

Before the Procedure

  • Before the procedure, you will undergo a series of tests and procedures to assess your health and the status of your condition.
  • Also, your surgeon will implant a long thin tube in your chest near your neck that infuses the transplanted stem cells and other medications and blood products into your body.

After the Procedure

  • After the procedure, you will have the blood tests and other tests to check your condition.
  • Also, you will need to remain under close medical care.
  • If you’re experiencing infections, you may need to remain in the hospital for several days.