Orthopedic Surgery Cost, Low Cost Orthopedic Surgery In India By Go Health

Orthopedic Surgery Cost

Get Orthopedic Treatments Cost All-inclusive at Go Health India

At Go Health India, we are meant to make clear our clients/patients to go contented by our efficient practices. Where its surgical and non-surgical treatments have their distinctness across the globe too, it means also to stand consistent, if discussed to know cost to its medical treatments comprehensively. In the simple words, Go Health India attempts here to consider you know cost to surgeries as given below: Hip Replacement Cost Hip Resurfacing Cost Knee Replacement Cost Knee Arthroscopy Cost

Meet with comprehensive cost of Orthopedic Surgery in India

Treatment Cost In USD
Knee Replacement – Unilateral $ 6000 – $ 7500
Knee Replacement – Bilateral $ 10500 – $ 11500
Hip Replacement – Unilateral $ 6000 – $ 7500
Hip Replacement – Bilateral $ 10500 – $ 11500
Hand Surgery $ 3000 – $ 4000
Elbow Replacement $ 6000 – $ 7500
Ankle Replacement $ 6000 – $ 7500

Disclaimer: At Go Health India, please bear in mind that treatment cost mentioned above renders only an indicative cost and is subject to change as per the physical judgment of patient and the medical record by the doctors.