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Total Joint Replacement

Go Health India to offer Total Joint Replacement Surgery in India

Though Go Health India has formed its position vital among worldwide medical treatment packaging companies, this comes also accomplishing TotalHipReplacementits clients’ smile medically. Needless to make clear that the company is all set to have been coming with a wide list of its contended clients ensuring it valuable nexus not only to treat them perfectly but also to update them with latest technologies into medical industry such as Total Joint Replacement Surgery.

At Go Health India, Total Joint Replacement Surgery in India is when an arthritic/damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint, called prosthesis.

Why to know Total Joint Replacement Surgery needed

Total Joint Replacement Surgery is meant to relieve the pain in the joint caused by the damage to the cartilage. As the pain may be so severe, a person is likely to avoid using the joint, and weakening the muscles around the joint. Total Joint Replacement Surgery will be considered important, if other treatment options are not to relieve the pain and disability.

How Total Joint Replacement executes?

Patients will be given an anesthetic, and the surgeon is to replace the damaged parts of the joint. In an arthritic hip, the damaged ball is replaced by a metal ball attached to a metal stem fixed into the femur and a plastic socket is inserted into the pelvis, changing the damaged socket.

The materials used in a total joint replacement are intended to enable the joint to move just like a normal joint. Also Joint Replacements may be put in without cement when the prosthesis and the bone are deliberate to fit directly.

Get Ready for Total Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Stop taking some drugs before surgery.
  • Start exercises to speed your recovery after surgery.
  • Assess your need for discharge planning, home therapy and rehabilitation after surgery.

Recent Advancement in Total Joint Replacement.

Recent improvements in surgical techniques and instrumentation are to help in furthering success of one’s treatment. The availability of advanced materials, such as titanium and ceramic prostheses and new plastic joint liners, makes available Orthopaedic Surgeons with options that may assist to augment the long life of the prosthesis.