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General Surgery Cost

Cost to General Surgery leaves No Hidden Charges to pay After Surgery

Consider Go Health India a flip-book of healthy living, wherein people ought to inhale gulp of hale and hearty lifestyle. Committed to treating people with latest medical technologies, the company intends completely to call itself a customer-friendly entity at the medical industry. So keeping in mind cost to its treatments is only an augmentation to its clients’ smiles. General Surgery cost in India similar at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

Here, cost to general surgery covers every charge likely to ask during the treatments, so, does not make any hidden charges in perplexing the clients to pay more. As the company mentions below a suggestion of cost to general surgery, this believes you to keep in mind its practice for cost of general surgery excepting to go wrong in deciding charges of general surgery. To know exact about cost to this surgery, you may need to come by:

TreatmentCost In USD
Laparoscopic Hernia Repair$ 3500 – $ 4500
Gall Bladder Surgery$ 2200 – $ 2500
Hysterectomy Surgery$ 2000 – $ 2500
Radical Prostectomy$ 4500 – $ 5500


Please remember that treatment cost offered above is only an indicative cost and is subject to change as per the physical judgment of patient and the medical record by the doctors.